Wightfields Stud

14/07/13 1:54 PM

Wightfields Santa Gertrudis

Wightfields Stud was formed in 1983. We started performance recording in 1988 so we are one of the longest recorded herds in the breed.

We have always selected our sire and replacement females with a commercial focus in mind and have never chased the fads and fancies of the showing.Our breeding objective has always been to breed herd improving sires for the commercial cattle producer. We select our cattle for high growth, early sexual maturity and a combination of good EMA’s and easy finishing ability and most importantly high fertility. We selectively join our females to the bull we believe will most improve the overall balance of performance in the resultant progeny.

Our stud cattle are joined for 15 weeks and preg tested annually with empties culled.  As we are only a small stud with 220 females annually, we have always brought in new stud sires this allows us to keep a wide genetic base in our herd. This allows our valued clients to keep buying our bulls knowing they are getting fresh genetics into their herds.

This year’s sale bulls have been vaccinated for 3 germ blood, 3day sickness, vibrio, and 7 in 1. By sale time all the bulls would have had 4months on oats.

We think this year’s draft is the best we have offered so far and look forward to presenting them for your appraisal.

Inspections are always welcome.
For further Information Contact: Geoff Goodland Ph. (07) 4627 5030 | Jason Goodland Ph. (07) 4665 8142 or Mob 0427 931 000

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