Triple S Santa Gertrudis

12/07/13 8:15 AM

Triple S

Triple S stud was established in 2008 by the Bruggemann Family. The Stud recently relocated from Wandoan to “Wongalea” at Taroom, with this relocation we have been able to increase our cow herd to 350 with around 200 registered cows with a goal to increase this number in the future.
All females are control mated and must preg test in calf every year or be culled as has been our practice for the last 20 years. Sires used in the breeding herd include: Hardigreen Park Mountain ($35 000) Dangarfield Thunder ($30 000) Yarrawonga Archer ($14 000) Wave Hill Foreman ($14 000) Dangarfield Voltage (P) ($28000). Bulls purchased recently but not represented include Yarrawonga Dividend (P) ($36 000) and Yarrawonga Eachway (P) ($44 000).
We aim to breed bulls with weight gain, bone, muscle with fat cover, structural correctness, good temperament and high fertility and enough frame to maintain size in most people’s herds.
Breed character is very important to us and we aim to maintain loose skin and tropical content. Above all else we aim to breed bulls that produce more beef, efficiently allowing producers to improve their bottom line.
This year at Wandoan Santa Sale we will offer 22 top quality bulls consisting of 16 classified bulls and 6 classifier approved herd bulls. All bulls have been fully vaccinated and tested free of Pesti Virus and will require booster shots for 7 in 1, Vibrio and 3 day sickness in August each year. This year’s sale bulls have also been semen morphology tested for extra assurance of high fertility.


Inspections are always welcome.
For further Information Contact: Jason & Kylie Bruggemann Ph: 07 4628 6485  Email:


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