Wightfields Sire – Rosevale ZinZan Z8

14/07/13 1:32 PM

Rosevale ZinZan Z8

10 bulls are by our leading sire Rosevale ZinZan Z8 who is doing a tremendous job for us. He really puts his stamp on his Progeny; it is amazing how consistently he breeds quality calves to any cows. They have tremendous growth, muscle, hindquarter, topline and fine tropical coat. His EBV’s rank him in top 1% of the breed for 200,400,600 day weights, Carcase Weight, EMA, Retail Beef Yield and both Dollar Index’s. 24 of his sons have sold in the last 2year for an average of $8,060, to a top of 35,000 for F69 (PS) to Orman Family of Benelkay Stud.

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