Jamally Santa Gertrudis

18/07/13 8:34 AM


Jamally Santa Gertrudis stud was established in 2006 as stud number 2024. The stud is based at ‘Alkoomie’ Taroom.  The Becker family have been breeding Santas in the Taroom district for more than two decades, which is where Jamie’s passion for the breed developed.

The foundation Jamally herd was established through the purchase of cows from Gyranda, Dangarfield and Santa Park. These cows have been good to us. Whilst the stud sires predominantly used to date in our herd have been Yarrawonga bulls.

Our aim at Jamally Santa Gertrudis is to produce quality cattle that possess primarily growth, fertility and the ability to finish as well as having a good constitution and a quiet nature. Fertility is achieved by seasonal mating over Summer in which any cows not PTIC at weaning time are culled. A huge emphasis is placed upon temperament as we aim to breed cattle that can handle any situation.  At the end of the day it is all about trying to improve not only our herd but the Australian beef industry in general.

We have a huge amount of pride towards not only our cattle but also towards the Santa Gertrudis breed and are excited about our prospects for the future and hopefully this is reflected in the bulls that we sell. We look forward to seeing you at the annual Wandoan Santa Sale.

Inspections of the herd and our sale bulls are welcome any time.
Jamie and Ally Becker Ph: (07) 4628 6318 | Mob: 0439 526 432 | Email: jamally.2024@bigpond.com

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