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The Story Thus Far…

Bunda Santa Gertrudis was established in 2009. We started with a small number of females from the ‘Rosgar Stud’ at Tenterfield and we also purchased females from ‘Gyranda’ in the same year.

Our operation includes a commercial herd of approximately 480 cows and farming in the Wyaga area, 75km North East of Goondiwindi, Queensland. Our commercial breeding herd is currently 85% Santa and Santa Cross cows and we use all Santa bulls.

We aim to increase our stud numbers over time and are focused on our female herd. We aim to breed poll, medium framed, fertile feminine cows.

Sires have been used from a variety of studs through AI programs including Kelly Wallah Babylon 757, Diamond H Jasper E159 and Rosevale Rippon U27.

Other sires that have been introduced include ‘Cardona Organic’ (P) tested 99% Homozygous poll and ‘Canowindra Magic’ (P) purchased at the Cardona/Canowindra sale and ‘Dangarfield Xerox’ (P) from the Dangarfield Sale in 2015. Sires purchased in 2014 include ‘Talgai Inception I54’ (P) at the Heartland sale and ‘Wightfields Enrique J103’ (P) at the Wandoan Sale both of which have been tested 100% Homozygous Poll.

Other/Past sires included bulls from ‘Rosevale’ and ‘Brookside’ for use in both the stud and commercial herds. We retained ‘Bunda Gasper’ (P) AI in 2013 for use in our stud herd as we were extremely impressed with his growth, quiet temperament and overall structural soundness.

In 2013 we purchased 6 ‘Brookside’ Bulls for a combination of stud and commercial purposes. The purchase of these bulls was mainly for poll genes and high breed content that is a feature of the Brookside Studs long history.

Our aim is to produce easy doing cattle of medium frame, good muscling and structure, high breed character and an emphasis on fertility. Temperament is also considered a priority.


We welcome any enquiries or inspections prior to the sale season or any time you are calling past.


Nigel & Toni Sharpe Ph: 0746754156 / Mob: 0459035192 | Email:




Valleyview Stud was established in 1975 with females purchased from Yarrawonga, Elgin Downs, Bolinda Vale and King Ranch. Sires were purchased from Eidsvold Station (our foundation sire) further purchases of sires followed from Yarrawonga, Rosevale, Kendara, Watasanta, Warenda and other leading studs in the coming years. Majority of our females are polled and are selected for temperament
and fertility and all must calve each year and perform to produce a classified calf.

Our main focus is producing soft well muscled correct to type, good temperament and fertile bulls for auction each year. Our bulls have topped Big S, Rockhampton, Casino Bull sales in the 30+ years selling to $20,000 with good averages and clearances. The stud is single sire mated so quality is paramount which is also the same with our commercial herd.

Sale bulls are prepared on pasture, natural grasses, lab lab and oats with limited sale pellets to sale time. All bulls have been vet checked, semen checked, vaccinated 7 in 1, 3 germ blood vibrio, 3 day sickness and tested negative for pestivirus.

Valleyview stud believes that the Santa Gertrudis Breed has a lot to offer to cattlemen for cross breeding into British and European based herds around the country for increased weight gain and for premium sale yard prices.

Your support at the Wandoan Santa Gertrudis Bull Sale would be appreciated.

For Further Information contact Gavin Ciesiolka on  (07) 4691 5233 | Email:

Jamally Santa Gertrudis



Jamally Santa Gertrudis stud was established in 2006 as stud number 2024. The stud is based at ‘Alkoomie’ Taroom.  The Becker family have been breeding Santas in the Taroom district for more than two decades, which is where Jamie’s passion for the breed developed.

The foundation Jamally herd was established through the purchase of cows from Gyranda, Dangarfield and Santa Park. These cows have been good to us. Whilst the stud sires predominantly used to date in our herd have been Yarrawonga bulls.

Our aim at Jamally Santa Gertrudis is to produce quality cattle that possess primarily growth, fertility and the ability to finish as well as having a good constitution and a quiet nature. Fertility is achieved by seasonal mating over Summer in which any cows not PTIC at weaning time are culled. A huge emphasis is placed upon temperament as we aim to breed cattle that can handle any situation.  At the end of the day it is all about trying to improve not only our herd but the Australian beef industry in general.

We have a huge amount of pride towards not only our cattle but also towards the Santa Gertrudis breed and are excited about our prospects for the future and hopefully this is reflected in the bulls that we sell. We look forward to seeing you at the annual Wandoan Santa Sale.

Inspections of the herd and our sale bulls are welcome any time.
Jamie and Ally Becker Ph: (07) 4628 6318 | Mob: 0439 526 432 | Email:

Wightfields Stud


Wightfields Santa Gertrudis

Wightfields Stud was formed in 1983. We started performance recording in 1988 so we are one of the longest recorded herds in the breed.

We have always selected our sire and replacement females with a commercial focus in mind and have never chased the fads and fancies of the showing.Our breeding objective has always been to breed herd improving sires for the commercial cattle producer. We select our cattle for high growth, early sexual maturity and a combination of good EMA’s and easy finishing ability and most importantly high fertility. We selectively join our females to the bull we believe will most improve the overall balance of performance in the resultant progeny.

Our stud cattle are joined for 15 weeks and preg tested annually with empties culled.  As we are only a small stud with 220 females annually, we have always brought in new stud sires this allows us to keep a wide genetic base in our herd. This allows our valued clients to keep buying our bulls knowing they are getting fresh genetics into their herds.

This year’s sale bulls have been vaccinated for 3 germ blood, 3day sickness, vibrio, and 7 in 1. By sale time all the bulls would have had 4months on oats.

We think this year’s draft is the best we have offered so far and look forward to presenting them for your appraisal.

Inspections are always welcome.
For further Information Contact: Geoff Goodland Ph. (07) 4627 5030 | Jason Goodland Ph. (07) 4665 8142 or Mob 0427 931 000

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