Valleyview Sire – Hardigreen Park Phoenix G154(P)

Hardigreen Park Phoenix G154(P)

Phoenix was purchased at the 2013 Santa Central bull sale for $15,000. He placed 4thin his class at the 2013 at the Royal Brisbane Show in the 24 – 30 month class. He has a tropical coat, good sheath and testicles with good muscle and strong polled head

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Jamally Sire – Diamond H Odessey O218 (P)

Diamond H Odyssey O218 (P)

Odessey was purchased at the 2012 Diamond H Sale. He was a dark upstanding poll bull with a strong head, hooded eyes, good bone covered with plenty of muscle. He was also multiple mated so it was a pleasant surprise to see that he has sired a run of handy bulls through the graded up cows. We had an exceptional outing at Beef 2018 this year with one of his sons’ Jamally Nightrider winning the 19 -21 month bull class and going on to receive Reserve Junior Champion bull. We have decided to retain Nightrider for stud duties and look forward to seeing his progeny in the future.

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Wightfields Sire – Rosevale Bullion K140 (PS)

Rosevale Bullion K140 (PS)

Purchased for $28,000 at the 2015 Annual Rosevale Sale, Bullion K140 has done a tremendous job for us.  K140 possesses very low birth weight averaging only 27.8kg with his first crop of calves,that was over about 10kg lighter than all of the other sires. Bullion K140 is continuing to be used over heifers.  He was purchased for his very strong fertile female line, balanced figures, easy finishing ability, trim sheath, fine coat type and being a well boned poll bull.

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Wightfields Sire – Greenup Carlos H18 (P)

Greenup Carlos H18 (P)

Carlos was purchased at the Greenup – Eidsvold 2013 annual sale for the top price of $15,000. Carlos is a Homozygous poll bull, with tremendous length, tremendous topline and hindquarter, easy-finishing ability, rich dark coat type and trim sheath.  His days to calving EBV is in the top 10% of the breed and also possesses very well-balanced figures across all traits.

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Jamally Sire – Moongana Merlin I2348 (PP)

Moongana Merlin 12348 (PP)

Merlin was the top priced bull at the 2015 Moongana Invitational Sale ($28,000). We were looking for the complete package and we believe that is what we got. He is a dark tropical homozygous poll bull with breed character, length and bone with a perfect sheath, adequate scrotal size and a good temperament. This years’ bulls are the first to sell with another promising line of bulls and heifers just being weaned.

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AI Sires

Dangarfield Haymaker, selected for his outcross bloodlines, high growth, big EMA, very good female line and for his fertility.

Wightfields Crackerjack (PS), sold to the Rosevale stud in 2008 for $26,000 we retained semen in Crackerjack because of his his squareness of frame his muscle content and finishing abilities which is backed up by his EBVs and his day to Calving.

Rowanlea Duntroon (P) was selected for his tremendous days to calving, index’s, dark fine coat type, balanced EBV and an outcross of genetics for us.  He has done a tremendous job for Gyranda.

Gyranda Cosmic C476,  was selected for his amazing days to Calving of -19.5, he is a different bloodline for us as he goes back to the very good Wave Hill Major bloodline.

Bunda Santa Stud Sire – Canowindra Magic (P)

Canowindra Magic (P)

‘Canowindra Magic’ (P) was purchased at the Cardona Canowindra 2015 sale for $14 000. Magic caught our eye in the Canowindra draft straight away. His easy doing ability and muscle content was impressive. Magic was structurally very sound and possessed a quiet nature.

Unfortunately, we only had Magic for a brief time due to injury he sustained early on during the mating season in 2015. We were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to obtain semen and his morphology of 97% normal is exceptional quality.  We have the first son of Magic in this draft  and we look forward to more calves within our AI programs in the future.

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Bunda Santa Stud Sire – Cardona Organic (P)

Cardona Organic (P)

‘Cardona Organic’ (P) was purchased at the Cardona Canowindra 2015 Sale for $24 000. We were looking for a bull to give us a lift and carcass traits we believed could improve our stud’s performance. Organic caught our eye for his growth for age, bone and overall capacity. We were also impressed by the muscle he possessed and breed character. Organic has certainly made an impact in our stud and we are pleased with this years offering of 7 bulls in our draft sired by Organic. His muscle, frame and temperament is evident in his progeny to date. He has a lovely quiet temperament which is a trait we select on heavily through our herd.

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Valleyview Sire – Hardigreen Park Phoenix G154 (PS)

Hardigreen Park Phoenix (PS)

Hardigreen Park Phoenix G154 (PS)


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Bunda Santa Stud Sire – Brookside 2993 (P)


Brookside 2993 (P)

Purchased from the Brookside Stud, Armidale in 2013. He is homozygous poll, very dark in colour and has exceptional depth and muscling.

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Bunda Santa Stud Sire – Bunda Gasper G36 (AI) (PS)


Bunda Gasper G36 (AI)(PS)

We bred Gasper through an AI program in 2012, his dam was purchased at the Northern Breeders Tamworth sale in 2009 from Raelands Stud. We retained Gasper in the stud as we thought a lot of him and his exceptional easy doing ability, good muscling and quiet temperament.

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Valleyview Sire – Warenda C568 (P)


Warenda C568(P)


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Jamally Sire – Yarrawonga Aldo F200 (PS)


Yarrawonga Aldo F200 (PS)

Yarrawonga Aldo F200 (PS) was purchased in 2011 for $13,000 and is a son of Canowindra Fine Form (P).  Aldo was purchased for his constitution, breed character and temperament.  His first drop of calves have just been weaned and we are very happy with them. We look forward to watching how his calves progress in the future

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Jamally Sire – Yarrawonga Volvo


Yarrawonga Volvo

Yarrawonga Volvo  was purchased in 2008. Volvo is a son of Yarrawonga Matrix (P). He has proven to be a very valuable contribution to the herd.  In the paddock he is a bull that commands respect. He has tremendous breed character, with length and muscle to match. These traits are visible in not only the sale bulls but Volvo is also leaving his mark of quality on his daughters as well.

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Wightfields Sire – Rosevale Digger D244


Rosevale Digger D244

Purchased for $16,000 at the 2009 annual Roselvale sale.  Digger is a high performing bull with good muscle-finishing ability. He is doing a great job for us, was only little used in first year because he got 3day.  He is out of one of Rosevale Best Dam’s having also breed Rosevale Battalion who is doing a great job for the Rosevale Stud, Who is Diggers full brother.

His EBV’s are in top 1% for all growth Traits and both Dollar Index’

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Wightfields Sire – Rosevale ZinZan Z8


Rosevale ZinZan Z8

10 bulls are by our leading sire Rosevale ZinZan Z8 who is doing a tremendous job for us. He really puts his stamp on his Progeny; it is amazing how consistently he breeds quality calves to any cows. They have tremendous growth, muscle, hindquarter, topline and fine tropical coat. His EBV’s rank him in top 1% of the breed for 200,400,600 day weights, Carcase Weight, EMA, Retail Beef Yield and both Dollar Index’s. 24 of his sons have sold in the last 2year for an average of $8,060, to a top of 35,000 for F69 (PS) to Orman Family of Benelkay Stud.

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